A reference architecture for simple
and clear privacy-by-design, made by engineers for engineers.

The Privacy Stack empowers developers to bring the right set of privacy controls to their unique product architecture, enabling a quick and clear implementation of privacy-by-design.

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Bring the right set of privacy controls so every stakeholder can act independently to orchestrate an organization’s posture towards privacy compliance.

Implement a privacy-by-design solution once and withstand a changing regulatory compliance landscape.

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Clearly articulate the tradeoffs in both securing data and extracting value from data - making the most of user data while ensuring user confidence.

“There have been unprecedented investments in exploring what's possible with artificial intelligence and data science. We're begining to see the returns of that, positive and negative, and now is the time to move our attention to effective, scalable safeguards. The Privacy Stack is a meaningful step toward the design of technical mechanisms for ensuring data dignity for all.”

Dr. Maritza Johnson
Founding Director of the Center for Digital Civil Society at University of San Diego

“Engineers of all levels who care about ethics in technology should understand how to build privacy-by-design into their products and process data ethically. The Privacy Stack makes it easy with a common vocabulary, reusable designs, and engineering best practices.”

Vivek Vaidya
Founding Partner super{set} + Former CTO of Salesforce Marketing Cloud

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Privacy by design doesn’t have to be your primary concern - it just has to be implemented.

Make it easy with 4 Archetype scenarios - simple app, advanced app, processor app, and supply chain - and quickly understand how privacy-by-design easily fits within your product architecture.

Built from first-principle requirements to withstand the test of time.

The Privacy Stack considers data purpose, control, recognition, transmission, and rectification to fully surround the the problem of architecting for privacy-by-design.

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Code frameworks, not legalese.

Finally grok the privacy-by-design problem with architecture examples, system components, component design, API design, and a Data Model for privacy.

About The Privacy Stack

The Privacy Stack is built by engineers, for engineers.

We saw a gap between the work and rhetoric of policy-makers on the issue of privacy and the on-the-ground reality that developers face. So we decided to do something about it.

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Oct 13, 2022

The Privacy Stack

What is The Privacy Stack? What do we mean by Ethical Data? …

by Maritza Johnson and Yacov Salomon

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